Classic 6 Pack.. Ep Volume 2

Tweed Cadillac Coming September 2021

Produced By.. Tweed Cadillac- G-Bear The Rhythm Dwella-Clint (Mr. Payback) Sands Bass Guitar.. Ft .King Kane Slim (Pimp Counsel) Rappin 4Tay.. D-Day(StreetWize Music) The Real Ramadon.. Natalac The P.. Gonzoe (R.I.P) No Doze The Insomniac Kush Locc ...
Recorded & Mixed at Wild1 Studios By Tony Rae...Backroom Studios c/o D.J Prodkt ..The Pimp Counsel(Flint Michigan) Mastered/Tech Support by Slagdogg Conglomerate.

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